Trap Dodgers

Random Traps in 16 different zones. Single player mode available. Survive the longest possible to win. Created By: EC_PickleWeezle Have Fun

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Key Value
Version Starcraft 1.04+ hybrid (63)
mpq hash 2430882573a1c3792ff9cffcf73ed5a9ee0ace02a22b1cc0501f409d4cc8a6ef
mpq size 35071
chk hash 2071bc9cddf329bf3fe5148e1d9d8f64475b6318d1e251feb030e66e9eed544e
chk size 316405
map dimensions 64x64
map tileset Space Platform (1 mod 8 = 1)
Human Players 7
Computer Players 1
OWNR Players 666666650000
Doodads 0
Sprites 0
Triggers 105
Briefing Triggers 2
Locations 195
Units 138
Unique Terrain Tiles 50
Wav Files 1
GetDeaths EUDs 0
GetDeaths EPDs 0
SetDeaths EUDs 0
SetDeaths EPDs 0
EUPs 0


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Trap Dodgers
Force 2
By: EC_PickleWeezle
Force 4


ID Name
8 Fire
20 Trap Dodger


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