Lockdown Defence

Lockdown Enemys To Prevent Them From Reaching The End Of Pathway

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Key Value
Version Starcraft 1.04+ hybrid (63)
mpq hash 4bc2db238c2f2364305a7ea2826586bea1cb79079d45ba9254b562f176916fc0
mpq size 28150
chk hash a3cf5d0a62bac056e60eb361bd27075252c4b569df70860be959dc5cd70e4bd8
chk size 216977
map dimensions 64x192
map tileset Space Platform (1 mod 8 = 1)
Human Players 6
Computer Players 1
OWNR Players 666666750000
Doodads 0
Sprites 0
Triggers 26
Briefing Triggers 1
Locations 6
Units 93
Unique Terrain Tiles 42
Wav Files 0
GetDeaths EUDs 0
GetDeaths EPDs 0
SetDeaths EUDs 0
SetDeaths EPDs 0
EUPs 0


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Known Filenames

Filename Download
Lockdown Defence!!.scm Download
Lockdown_Defence.scm Download

Known File Times

Accessed Time Creation Time Modified Time


Ghosts (Lockdown)
The Defence Turret
Force 4


ID Name
8 I'm Gonna Kill You
12 Death Plane
15 Choose Difficulty
16 Ghost (Lock It Down)
66 The Last BadBoy
70 I Will Get You
71 Death Cover
124 Dont Let Me Die


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